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Arturia - MoogModular V2.5 (T.A.E. of Bob Moog analog synth)

Brand: Arturia
Name: MoogModular V2.5 (T.A.E. of Bob Moog analog synth)
Category: Software > Virtual Synthesizers
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Condition: Brand New
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Faithful reproduction of the Moog Modular

This new version of the award-winning recreation of the legendary Moog Modular Systems brings a whole lot of new features and improvements.


  • New ergonomics:
    • One unique scrollable view to overlook the entire synth.
    • Some of the modules are now interchangeable, allowing to configure - to a certain extent - the Modular the desired way.
  • New audio possibilities:
    • Improvements on the oscillators (new free running), on the filters (better response to modulations), on the envelopes (faster and even closer to true analogical behaviour).
    • New Unison mode
    • New Audio-In possibilities
    • The Soft-clipping emulation is now done on each mixer and not systematically on all of them, which saves on CPU load.
  • New modules:
    • 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter: Developed under the Moog license by Harold Bode in 1964, it is extremely rare (a dozen Worldwide).
    • 928 Sample and hold is also very rare: Originally assembled in a separate cabinet, it was adapted on the last modular series, in the late 70's.
    • 912 Envelope follower (or Schmit Trigger): One of the most popular modules on the Moog systems, it was often added to original configuration to create complex modulation through the use of an output signal.
    • 12 stage phaser: The Moog 12 Stage Phaser was very well known, and originally conceived as an external rack to the Modular systems.
    • Formant Filter: A new module developed by Arturia, which did not exist on the original Moog systems. It allows the filtering of sounds according to the formants a, e, i, o, u.
    • Ring Modulator: Also a new module developed by Arturia, it creates very metallic sounds.
  • New presets:
    • 200 new presets to provide optimal use of the new modules.


  • Windows: Windows 98 SE/ ME / 2000 / XP
  • Mac OS X: Mac OS X.2 or higher
  • Required minimum configuration:
    • PC / Windows: 256 Mo RAM - 1 GHz processor
    • Mac OS 9: 256 Mo RAM - 1 GHz processor
    • Mac OS X: 256 Mo RAM - 1 GHz processor
    • Resolution - At least 1024 x 768