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Cakewalk - Z3TA+

Cakewalk  - Z3TA+
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Brand: Cakewalk
Name: Z3TA+
Category: Software > Virtual Synthesizers
Condition: Brand New
List Price: $139.00
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Z3TA+, the award-winning Waveshaping Synthesizer, is the newest member of the Cakewalk family. Z3TA+ is a top-of-the line analog-style synthesizer with incredible sound shaping capabilities. The exclusive bandlimited Waveshaping technology makes Z3TA+ one the best and most respected synths in the industry. As a complete instrument, Z3TA+ is oriented to the professional musician and sound programmer looking for uncompromised sound quality and features. Z3TA+ ships with DXi, VST, and stand-alone versions.

Z3TA+ (zay’-ta) is among the most expressive and inspiring virtual instruments available today, fully capable of producing the most authentic vintage analog sounds and incredible, cutting edge modern sounds. Whether you’re looking for lush, warm pads, slowly evolving atmospheres, searing leads or sparkling FM sounds, Z3TA+ delivers the goods, and includes hundreds of professional presets.


  • Oscillators
    • 32-bit wavetable synthesis with three rendering modes (DRAFT, NQ, HQ).
    • 6 Oscillators, 60 built-in waveforms, 6 user loadable waveforms, PWM possible in all oscillators with any waveform.
    • 64 voice polyphony (CPU dependant) with polyphony limiter and Intelligent Voice Allocation (no clicks when maximum polyphony is exceeded).
    • Independent Waveshaper for each oscillator with 14 wave transformations: WARP, TWIST, MULTIPOINT, WAVE, SYMMETRY, DRIVE, WAVE, OFFSET, SHRINK, SELFSYNC, BIT REDUCTION, HIPASS and LOWPASS filters, DC-OFFSET and WINDOW, all fully bandlimited and real-time capable.
    • And more
  • Filters
    • 2 Stereo Filters (4 filters total), 10 Filter Modes: 12dB/oct LPF/HPF/BPF/BRF, 24dB/oct LPF/HPF/BPF/BRF, 36dB/oct LPF, formant. Filters can be set in parallel or serial.
    • Individual Cutoff, Resonance, Resonance Boost, Pan, Level and Limiter controls for each filter.
    • And more
  • Low Frequency Oscillators
    • Morphing capable LFOs, 4 global, 2 local (per-voice), all host Tempo Sync capable.
    • Individual Offset, Delay, Fade In, Morph Time, Speed, Tempo Sync and Key Sync mode controls.
    • And more
  • Envelope Generators
    • Eight 6-stage envelope generators, 1 bipolar, 6 unipolar, 1 main Amp eg, all with adjustable positive or negative amount.
    • Individual Delay, Attack Time, Slope Time, Slope Level, Decay Time, Sustain Level, Release Time controls.
  • Arpeggiator
    • Algorithmic arpeggiator with all basic patterns
    • MIDI arpeggiator with 100 built-in patterns.
    • And more
  • Modulation Matrix
    • 16 row modulation matrix with Source, Range (min/max), Curve, Control and Destination options.
    • 24 modulation sources, including all LFOs, Egs, main Oscillators, Attack and Release velocity, Unipolar and Bipolar keyboard tracking, internal functions and polyphony.
    • And more
  • Effects
    • Drive
      • 6 Drive modes, including Soft/Hard drive, Valve Amp, Smart Shaper and Heavy Metal (local plus global drive stage), individually selectable for both filters.
      • Tone, Drive and output Level controls.
      • Progressive Stereo Decimator (lo-fi).
    • Modulation
      • 9 Mode Modulation section, full stereo operation (except when mono modes are selected).
      • Modulation speed sync'able to host Tempo.
      • 3 modulation waveforms.
      • Broad range of Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects available, including mono/stereo chorus, flanger and phaser, 6-voice chorus, Quad phaser.
      • Delay, Speed, modulation Depth, Feedback, 2-band Modulation Equalizer with selectable modes and Level controls.
    • Compressor
      • 3 Mode dedicated compressor, with Threshold, Ratio, Gain and output Level controls.
      • Delay Section
      • 3 individual stereo delay lines, with Time (L & R), Delay, Feedback and Level controls.
      • Multi mode 3-band EQ inserted in the feedback loop, with 6 EQ modes.
      • Tempo Sync capable.
    • Delays
      • Three independent delay lines which sync to host tempo.
      • Stereo, Ping, Cross and LRC delay modes.
      • Three-band stereo equalizer with six eq modes for each delay line.
      • Individual time settings for L and R channels, feedback and level controls.
    • Reverb
      • Full stereo reverb.
      • 4 Reverb modes, including Small Room, Mid Hall, Big Hall and Plate.
      • Size, Damp, Lo, Hi and Wet/Dry controls.
    • EQ
      • Full stereo eq.
      • 7 band equalizer with 11 equalizer modes (Wide 1/2/3, Half 1/2/3, Low, Lo/Mid, Mid, Mid/Hi, Hi).
      • Stereo Cabinet-Amp simulator, with 19 different preset simulations.
    • Main Effects
      • Effect bypass.
      • Stereo Main Limiter.


  • 800x600 minimum resolution
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 128Mb of RAM or more recommended