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Dartech - CD Recorder 4.1

Brand: Dartech
Name: CD Recorder 4.1
Category: Software > CD-DVD Burning
Condition: Brand New
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $21.13
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Sweeten the Sound with DART™ - Master sound quality

An easy to use 3 in 1 tool:

  • Audio recording from any source, and
  • Powerful sound quality tools, and
  • Burn CDs fast

Buy one, get three. All the tools for quality audio and recording in one product. A real bargain.

Features and Functions:

Capture music from tape, records, Mini Disc or rip tracks from CD. Includes sound card controls.
Microsoft Windows Media™ Format and MP3 (.WMA & .MP3) files supported.
Unpack automatically separates tracks from albums and cassette recordings.
Convert MIDI to .WAV via sound card.
Timer-Recorder for recording radio programs while away.
Organize your music into custom playlists easily. Drag & Drop, mix file types, play the music and save the playlists.
Sweeten your songs - Create high quality audio with DART’s unique, proven, Digital Audio Restoration Technology; DeClick and DeHiss removes clicks, pops, scratches and hiss.
Shape tracks with 10 band Equalizer, fade-in/out.
Comparative Normalize for automatically setting the volume to the same level on all tracks or individual levels on each track.
FreeDB identifies Artist and Title of Audio CDs with a click.
CD-Text, enter disc and track information for display on CD-Text players.
Burn an Audio CD in one step that can be played in any CD player, or
Burn a CD-Rom with MP3, WAV, and other sound files (Joliet support).
Set Gap times for track time spacing.
Overburn control for 80, 84 minute and longer CDs.
Erase CD-RW allows you to erase CD-RW discs for reuse.
Read/Write CD-R/W speed control for quality audio.
Write simulate burn speed vs. coaster optimization.
Burn-Proof™- protection from buffer under run errors.
Multi-session CD Recording (optional close CD option).
1000's of CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM devices supported.

Non-Supported Devices

The following devices are not supported by any of our software programs and they will never be since they do not support "Disc-At-Once" recording.

  • Mitsumi 2600 TE
  • Mitsumi 2801 TE
  • Olympus CDS630E
  • Phillips CDD521
  • Smart & Friendly 2006 (Not the same as 2006 Plus)
  • Sony 926S
  • Sony 928E
  • NOTE: The JVC XR-W2001, Pinnacle RCD1000, and Pinnacle RCD5020 are no longer supported.


    CD-Recorder Main Characteristics:  
      Excellent Audio quality  
      Easy to Use – Easy to learn  
      Cool user interface  
      Fully featured - many tools.  
      Powerful CD-R/W device support includes CD+G  
      Windows Sound Card support  
      Record, Tape, CD, & Mini-Disc support  
      MP3/WMA/MIDI file support  
      Windows 9x/NT/2K/ME Support  
    Powerful CD-R/W Support:  
      Burn files (MP3/WAV) to CD-ROM (Joliet File Support) New for 4.1
      Burn-Proof™ Buffer under run protection New for 4.1
      Support for 100's of CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM devices
      CD-R/W CD-ROM device selection
      Digital extraction - Rip audio tracks
      Disc-At-Once CD writing - best audio quality
      Read & Write CD-R/W Speed Control
      On-The-Fly conversion for fast CD burning
      Over-burn support - 80 & 84 min
      CD-RW Erase support
      Multi-session CD Support (separate Close-CD option) New for 4.1
      CD+G rip and burn (Karaoke Studio CD+G only) New for 4.1
    Producer - Audio Sweeten Improve Audio Quality:  
      De-Click clean-up
      De-Hiss clean-up
      Equalizer - 10 band
      Fades - In/Out
      Comparative Normalize - make volume same for all tracks! New for 4.1
      .WAV & MP3 Files supported MP3 New for 4.1
    Easy to Use Audio Tools:  
      CDDB Support - Display & enter tracks & CD info
      Unpack (.WAV & MP3 files) New for 4.1
      Trim Length for fitting files to CD capacity
      Recording via sound card
      Direct-X for hosting plug-ins
      DeClick/DeHiss/Trim/Convert plug-ins included
      Radio timer for recording - like a VCR for radio
    Audio File Support:  
      Xaudio MP3 decoder (new & better) New for 4.1
      MP3/WAV/WMA automatic conversion (CD burning) WMA New for 4.1
      MIDI to .WAV Rendering via Sound Card
      MS audio file support (WMA) New for 4.1
      Batch file conversion - multiple files
      On-line Help - Context Help
      Guided Tour (CD-ROM Version)
      Manual (electronic format)
      Web Site Forums and FAQs
      Software Support
      Jewel case & CD label printing - Sure Thing

    System Requirements:

    Recommended CPU: 233 MHz or better
    System Software: Microsoft Windows® 95,98, NT, 2000, ME or XP
    For Recording From A Common Home Stereo
    A Windows® compatible sound card connected to mono/stereo audio system
    For Writing Music/Audio CDs
    An installed compatible CD-R or CD-RW: SCSI, USB or E-IDE
    16 MB RAM Minimum, 6.2 MB Program Space
    Temp Disk Space
    1.2 GB for a 74 Min CD


    • PC Requirements:
      • Windows Compatible.