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GRASS VALLEY - ProCoder 3.0 Media Conversion Software

GRASS VALLEY  - ProCoder 3.0 Media Conversion Software
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Model: 606195
Name: ProCoder 3.0 Media Conversion Software
Category: Software > Video Editing
Condition: Brand New
Our Price: $410.53
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The ProCoder 3 Encoding Software for Windows from Grass Valley is a professional solution for video format conversion needs. The software features full support for native HD, SD, DV and many other video codecs, the ability to change frame rates, size, and resolution and multi-user network capability. These features make it a powerful tool for anyone who needs to create digital content for video, DVD and Internet applications. Frame Rate Interpolation and Conversion Utilities ProCoder's frame rate utilities handle PAL/NTSC conversion, 3:2 pull-down and automatic adaptive deinterlacing for progressive and interlaced video. You'll be able to encode your media in lower frame rates to shrink file sizes while maintaining native resolution or decrease image size as well to create brilliant Web content. Full HD Support The software can import and export high-definition (HD) video (720p/1080i) compatible with MPEG and Windows Media applications. You can transcode between HD and Standard Definition (SD) video, change frame rates and export to any format using preset or custom settings. ProCoder also supports HDV MPEG Transport streams captured from HDV cameras and decks. Scalable Technology Architecture ProCoder's conversion speed increases with the power of the system, many times transcoding at faster-than-real-time speeds when running on high-end systems. This allows the software performance to increase as you upgrade your computer. Professional Video Filters Some of the video filters featured in ProCoder are 601-SD to 709-5-HD Color Correction, 709-5-HD to 601-SD Color Correction, Adaptive De-Interlace, Bitmap Keying, Black/White Correction, Blur, Circular Blur, Gaussian Blur, Color Correction, Color Safe, Crop, Fade In/Out, Gamma Correction, Video Pulldown, Video Sharpen, Temporal Noise Reducer and more. Corrective Audio Filters You'll be able to tweak your audio with several professional-quality audio filters. These include low pass, normalize and volume adjustment. Multi-User Watch Folders The software lets you create custom watch folders and place them on your network. This allows anyone on your network to drag-and-drop files to be encoded. This process ensures that all files are encoded to meet the correct specifications as designated by the watch folder settings. It also allows multiple users to encode using the same designated networked ProCoder-enabled computer. Queue Manager You'll be able to organize and manage multiple transcoding jobs with ProCoder's Queue Manager. This utility allows you to prioritize files, pause, remove or restart jobs and view job progress, warnings or errors. This utility eliminates the need to process each job individually. Intuitive ProCoder Wizard The ProCoder Wizard will guide you through the encoding process, helping you choose the optimum compression settings for your particular media destination. It will also help you choose the best settings for any type of Internet connection speed.