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Musitek - SmartScore X Pro Edition

Musitek  - SmartScore X Pro Edition
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Brand: Musitek
Name: SmartScore X Pro Edition
Category: Software > Notation
UPC : 754396200314
Condition: Brand New
List Price: $399.00
Our Price: $281.50
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Precision music scanning & world-class scoring.

Imagine the world's fastest and most accurate music scanning technology. Now imagine a professional-grade scorewriter that is just as friendly as it is powerful. One with enough intelligence built in that no advanced degree is requred to use it. Then think of all the possible ways you'd like to experience your printed music... push-button scanning, realistic playback, key/clef transposition, part extraction, page reformattting, auto-drum grooves, karaoke, CD burning, integrated MIDI visualization and file conversion including support for PDF, Finale® and MusicXML formats. Welcome to SmartScore X. There is simply no faster way to get printed music into your computer and no simpler way to transform it for print, web or audio output. Band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, orchestral parts and scores appear on-screen in editable and playable form within seconds after scanning. Nearly all PDF files are accurately recognized, including those in low-resolution and color. With more accuracy on more symbols than any other music scanning software, SmartScore X is an indispensable tool for arrangers, performers, music educators and church ministries worldwide. Download the demo and discover it for yourself.

What's new in SmartScore X?

Improved Lyric and Text recognition

  • Significantly improved OCR recognition (75% more accurate).
  • Significantly increased recognition accuracy of alpha/numeric music symbols (e.g. Dynamic markings, Tuplets, Octavas, Multi-measure rests, Expressions)

Newly Recognized Symbols (also applied to playback)

  • Guitar Tablature and multi-line percussion staves recognized.
  • Percussion lines (Single and multi-staff) recognized and automatically linked to MIDI Drum Map.
  • Multi-measure rests
  • Octavas (8va and marked extensions)
  • Sharps and flats in chord symbols improving chord symbol accuracy
  • “Non-triplet” tuplets
  • “Repeat-previous-measure” symbol
  • Mordants
  • Unusual time signatures (e.g. 9/8)
  • Damper pedal lines (Horizontal pedal lines)

Improved Notation Recognition (Compared to Version 5)

  • Beams (75% more accurate)
  • Numbered endings (50% more accurate)
  • Triplets and other tuplets (50% more accurate)
  • Chord symbols and guitar frets symbols (75% more accurate)
  • Improved recognition of dynamics, articulations and expressions (50% more accurate)
  • Improved application of dynamics, articulation and expressions to playback.
  • Improved handling of pedal markings and horizontal damper pedal lines.
  • Parallel (multiple) page processing when run on dual-core machines.

Improved PDF file Recognition

  • Most PDF files are now recognized including web-optimized pages.
  • Color and screen resolution PDFs recognized

Improved Page Handling

  • More scanners supported. Web scanners now output page-sized files.
  • Improved margin control. Adjust left and right as well as top and bottom margins inside Page Setup.
  • Improved layout and print control (e.g. vertical –to-horizontal reformatting and printing).


  • Extend playback options with virtual instruments. Selected VST instruments (Windows) and Audio Units (Mac) now supported including Garritan and MOTU Mach Five virtual instruments. Get special discounted deals at musitek.com
  • Jumps logic improved (e.g. segnos, d.c., d. s., etc.)
  • Part Name field in Playback Console now dynamically linked to Instrument Templates. MIDI Transposition of transposed instruments simplified.
  • Playback properties of nearly every symbol can now be changed using Properties Tool.
  • ENF Part Names & abbreviations and MIDI Instruments (including transposed instruments) automatically update when new Part Name is chosen.
  • New Randomizer playback option. Adds human feel to playback. Control the amount of random changes applied to timing and loudness of notes.
  • Change MIDI instruments (Program Change) of any track on-the-fly in MIDI Piano Roll view.
  • Transpose Step Counters dynamically linked. Transposed instruments now properly transposed value in Playback Console.
  • Voice assignment registers in Playback Console improved.
  • Ritards (rit) and a tempo markings are more precisely interpreted.
  • Dynamic markings can be assigned to MIDI Volume or to MIDI Velocity
  • Select any region within score for playback or looping


  • More symbol properties available with Properties Tool:
    - Tuplet properties:
       - Change number of divisions, values and visibility
       - Show tuplet number inside or outside of bracket / arc.
    - Trill Properties
    - Multi-measure rest properties added
  • Convert staff lines from notation to tablature (TAB) format with correct fingering. Convert TAB staff lines to notation.
  • Fast and easy-to-use TAB editor. Includes multi-voice editing and cues.
  • Export score and open in Finale 2008 with a single Toolbar push-button.
  • Shaped notes (non-standard noteheads): Globally change standard notation to alternative noteheads (e.g. shaped notes) with Notehead properties.
  • Import full scores from other notation programs via MusicXML
  • Globally scale chord symbols and guitar fret grids (Edit > Document Preferences > Chord Symbols > Scale).
  • Voice color assignment algorithm improved. Notes more accurately assigned to correct contrapuntal voicelines. Voice color override tool can now be applied to tuplet and slur markings.
  • UNIFY > System, Staff and Line spacing
  • Use mouse to highlight  any range of  measures to apply special edit functions (e.g. playback, auto-spacing / auto-beaming)
  • Show clefs in all systems or first system only (for solo lead sheets).
  • Automatic Tuplet Finder. Insert a few tuplets and similar note groupings will automatically be assigned the same tuplet if accepted. Perfect for scores with many “implied tuplets”.
  • Key document display options (e.g. Systems, Score Symbols, Measure and Page Numbering) can be set as default in Program Preferences.
  • Part Name display options expanded. Abbreviations now the  default.


  • New ENF-on-TIFF “overlay” mode with variable transparency control. (Mac only)
  • Tool Palette configuration can be saved “as is” when closing ENF files (Program Preferences > User Interface)
  • ENF/TIFF view panes now split either horizontally or vertically (best choice for multiple monitor display.
  • Staff and System tabs color coded
  • Color printing (of color-coded voicelines) supported


  • Improved and simplified printing when scores are reformatted in different page orientations
  • Automatically rescale page sizes to optimize score printing (Edit > Format Score > Scale Entire Score > Optimize).


  • Insert, change and delete Program (MIDI Instrument) Changes on the fly in Piano Roll view.
  • Event List fully editable. Changes are dynamically linked to MIDI playback.
  • MIDI Editor improved including more edit and delete functions.

Finale Integration

  • Launch SmartScore full version instead of SmartScore Lite when “Scanning…” is invoked in Finale or PrintMusic.


  • Drum Tracks (Channel 10) correctly interpreted and reconverted to drum clefs with appropriate number of staff lines.
  • MIDI to notation interpretation improved.
    Applies key signature to each MIDI track (Type 0 MIDI Files)
  • Part Names written to MIDI files now import when converted to SmartScore files.

Image Editor

  • Selected margin tolerance improved

Bug Fixes

  • Recognition
    - Problem with triplets and slurs sometimes being applied to the wrong contrapuntal voice fixed.
    - Problem with triplets being recognized and having “3” remain as text fixed.
  • Transposition
    - Problem with accidentals when change-of-key signature = C major fixed.
  • Part Linking
    - Part reassigning stabilized. Logic improved.
  • MIDI
    - MIDI file import from certain programs improved.

Windows Vista / XP / 200x
Pentium I or better
256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space

OS 10.4 (Tiger)
G3 or better / Dual Core for Universal
256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space


  • WIN
    • Windows XP / 200x or better
    • Pentium I or better
    • 256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space
  • MAC (To be released May 2006)
    • Mac OSX PowerPC and Universal
    • PowerPC or Dual Core
    • 256Mb RAM + 50Mb disk space