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Thanks for coming to the Testimonials page.

We would like to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to write a brief note about their experience with Compumusic. Some of these comments have been posted on Forums, Seller-Rate sites and many have been received by email.

Identities have been omitted for obvious reasons. Thanks for reading!



Reseller ratings:

Testimonials received by email from the U.S.:

B.A., Machesney Park, IL
Order has been received. Thank you for a smooth and professional transaction. I will certainly keep you in mind for future purchases.

R. A., Plainfield, IL
Wow, that was prompt. I really appreciate your service!

R.A., Silver Spring, MD
Thank you for your prompt response! It was a pleasure ordering your site and I look forward to using your service again in the future!

C.B., Seattle, WA
Robert, good to do business with you again. Keep up the good work.

J.B., York, PA
Thanks, and as I've said before, I so greatly appreciate your attention to customer service and I will most definitely refer you to anyone looking for gear in the future. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to patronizing your company in the future.

P.B., Los Altos, CA
Thanks for your kind attention. You can be assured that I'll shop at Compumusic again.

E.B., La Mesa, CA
Great Price ... Many Thanks.

R.C., Pace, FL
Thanks for the updates and prompt service.

B.C., San Anselmo, CA
Thanks for being low priced.

P.C., Kirkland, WA
Appreciate your follow up and service.

J.D., Anacortes, WA
Thank you for your quick response. You run a tight company, will definitely do business with you again. Thanks for your time.

A. E-D., Oakland, CA
Rest assured I will be recommending your services to my DJ colleges.

B.H., Eau Claire, WI
Thank you very much for your personal reply. I really appreciate this and I'll be recommending your service to everyone I know. Thanks much!

T.H., Anderson, SC
Thanks for the tracking number, and the followthrough. I did receive your emails today, and I must say I am impressed with the prompt reply. Hope to do business again.

B.H., Saint Louis, MO
Thank you for keeping me up to date with the shipment. I am sure I will enjoy the HDSP96/32.
Thank you for the personal note! Cheers!

B.J., Garfield, NJ
Thank you soo much, my friend told me about you guys and he was right your one of the best companys to work with. Thanks again.

L.L., Harrison Twp., MI
A bit disappointing with regard to the delay. However, I understand this was out of your hands.....and you have been excellent about keeping me informed. I trust I will be satisfied with the product and I will recommend your internet web site to friends and family.

C.L., Acworth, GA
Thanks for the great deals and software...

N.M., White Plains, NY
Thanks very much for your helpful and prompt communications!

J.N., Overland Park, KS
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on this order - I've received the PCR-80 in record time. Thanks again, I'll recommend you to anyone in the market for audio gear.

O.P., Menko Park, CA
It is a pleasure doing business with you.

R.P., Pasadena, CA
This is the first time I've worked with compumusic.com, and I'm still quite favorably impressed.

K.P., Weatherford, TX
Two hours after you replied to my email, I received an email Datasonics. Your support and work on my behalf is so very much appreciated! We will do business again. Thank you for being what businesses ought to be.

B.R., Andover, MN
Thank you. Nice service. Will recommend.

B.R., Redding, CA
OK, ordered today - saved about $24 off [censored] - Thanks for the tip. If this transaction goes well, I'll keep you guys in mind for further purchases and 'spread the word'.
[A few days later] Thanks again. Yes, Aardvark 24/96 is very nice unit. (I have one already. Setting up another system for a song-writer/musician friend of mine so we can collaborate long-distance.) Appreciate the fast response on order.

C.S., Gibsonia, PA
I really appreciate the communication. It is rare to get even the slightest customer support. I will look to you for more purchases in the future. If you have a newsletter please subscribe me. Thanks.

D.S., Denver, CO
Thanks for getting that shipped out so soon!

C.V.S., San Francisco, CA
Thanks! Pleasure doing biz with you and yours.

T.S., Capitola, CA
That's great. Everything worked out in the end. I look forward to using it. Thank you again for your prompt e-mail responses and support. Hope to do business with you again sometime.

G.S., Bellevue, WA
Thank you for switching the shipping for me, and your excellent customer service. I'll be sure to check with you in the future when I need other products.

R.T., Spokane, WA (Regarding an exchange of a faulty unit)
[Response to first email] Wow, that was sure a lighting like fast response...I'm highly impressed!!!
[After the exchange was being processed] Thanks for all of your help and for being so great about keeping me informed about what's going on, (great customer service!). Have a great day!
[After receiving the new unit] Thanks so much for all of your help!!! I feel like I've been treated like a King! :-) Have a great X-Mas & best wishes to you for a safe and happy New Year's as well!

M.W., Eugene, OR
You're great! I bookmarked your site and definitely visit again. I will indeed enjoy the Layla! I'll be able to run everything directly into the computer... beats the heck out of the mixer set-up that I've been struggling with for the last few years! Keep up the good work! ;-)

S.W., Wilmington, NC
I don't know if this email address works, but if it does, I just wanted to say thank you. Your response to my newsgroup posting about Sonar was really appreciated, and the price you offered for it is the lowest I've seen anywhere! Thanks again for a great service and web site.

L.Z., Floral Park, NY
Thank you again for all your kind assistance!

Testimonials received by email from Overseas:

C.E., Meredith, Victoria, Australia
Thank you for making my purchase so easy. I have received my order and thank you very much for been so helpful.

T.J., Askim, Norway.
Thank you for your information. And I will for sure enjoy my Cubase software.

C.L.M., Tokyo, Japan.
Very good about your customers service. I'm sure I'll order again. Thanks.

V.P., Lima, Peru
Sabes, agradezco mucho tu atencion; brindas un excelente servicio.

A.P., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Finalmente tengo el UA-5 a mano y funcionando a la perfeccion. Te agradezco las gestiones realizadas y los esfuerzos de lugar para que tuviese el equipo en mis manos.

D.R., Federal, Australia
It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and I do hope we can do more in the future. I will miss all these e-mails you.

N.D.T., Swansea, UK
Sibelius arrived lunchtime. Many thanks for your friendly and excellent service. Regards.

J.H.T, Kristiansand, Norway.
Sorry for making busy days for you! I´m very satisfied with the way you follow up!! Really!!
[A few days later] Thank you very much for good reliable service. I´ve never before been taken so well care of anywhere! (A to Z!) And I´ve been shopping on the net quite al ot the past years. Excellent customers service.

E.U., BC, Canada
I'll definately mention compumusic to my fellow instructors at the Art Institute