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Best Service - Foley Stage by MEC - Download

Best Service  - Foley Stage by MEC - Download
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Brand: Best Service
Model: 73084
Name: Foley Stage by MEC - Download
Category: Sounds > Sample Collections
Type: Brand New
List Price: $995.00
Our Price: $915.65
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Best Service and MEC present Foley Stage - Complete, an impressive big and professional Sound Library for your film-, game- and music-production.

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Foley Stage is the first Sound Library to be recorded on the Asian continent. Ambience recordings from Asian cities and villages, Ambiences from real life situations, Asian ceremonies, weapon- und battle sounds, firework sounds, electronically sounds from synthesizers, sci-fi and monster sounds and the absolutely essential and globally usable basics from a sound archive. With its 5.000 files, 40.000 different takes and a total of 129 GB sample material, Foley Stage gives you not only everything you need for your game-, film- or documentary production but also offers an extensive journey through the acoustic world of Asia.

Foley Stage is organized in 14 groups: Ambience, Electronic Products, Fireworks, Foley Actions, Foley Cold Weapon, Footsteps, Creatures, Life Properties, Materials, Synthesizer, Tools, Toys, India und Waters. In each group you can find logically labeled files in 24 Bit and 96 kHz. Beside files with different takes and variations you can also find very long files perfectly suitable for atmospheres or soundscapes.

All Foley Stage files contain metadata for a perfect integration into Soundminer!

The boxed version includes a 2,5" USB drive for Mac & PC


Foley Stage AmbienceTypical different ambience from different cities and villages in China. They are well recorded and treated for movie issues. All long enough and various types to make good loops for game.

Electronic Products

Foley Stage ElectronicVery tiny sound or noise captured from different home electronic products. It´s the micro world. Different hotel room drones (the air fans and air conditions). For example, different DVD drives of Mac Book Pro laptops during the recent years. Not only perfect for creating Sci-fi sound, and also can be used for UI, life scene or documentary.


Foley Stage FireworksFireworks and fire crackers, both single sounds and ambience. This kind of sound is only happened in China. And no one tried like this before! Not only the very important festival days for Chinese people once a year. And more, they can be used for cannon fire and super clean battle field background.

Foley Actions

Floey Stage ActionsReal Chinese Kongfu actions and impacts, no one did it in a professional SFX lib before. All multi types and multi takes. From both real actions and special foley. I´m trying to make up some real Kongfu sound that be accepted by both Western and Eastern people. And I believe it´s a very good starting in this pack.

Foley Cold Weapons

Floey Stage Cold WeaponsCold weapons from Chinese history: Sword, spear, fingers, and fists have been recorded and processed to allow authentic Asian sound even for western film productions. Combine these sounds with the synthesizers pack to have more space to create magical Kongfu for featured movies or games.


Foley Stage FootstepsThis pack is specially for video games like MMORPG, RTS or FPS. They are more general sounds with some very interesting material. Because those types of games need usual or unusual textures. And tread of steps are not such important for those kind of games. For FPS games, the treads are usually presented by the gears or cloth during the movement.


Foley Stage CreaturesTypical characters from tiny aliens to huge monsters. All with different emotions like happy, angry, attacking, hurt or dying. All multi types and multi takes. Else, there are groups of breathing and harsh sound of ghost or monster, they can be perfectly used for both soundscape or common sound effects of ghost. Usually sound designer likes to have some crackles or small noise for those kind of creature FX, here you can find a lot in this pack, too.

Life Properties

Foley Stage Live PropertiesSmall materials from common life, but with very different mic tech and mind. They are the sources for making Sci-fi, CG FX or musical FX. All multi types and multi takes. These materials are often used for games and movies. And video game requirements were considerred in the post-production.


Foley Stage MaterialsThe material sounds are made for the elements of Special FX, Sci-fi, soundscape and common sound effect issues off course. All files are multi types and multi takes. You can never find so many variations of different materials in ONE pack.


Foley Stage SynthesizerThis huge pack mainly contains 4 types of sound: different energy sound, signals and UI sounds, Sci-fi sound, big whoosh and special swishes. The energy sounds contain rich variations and are created with an analog modular system with special controls.


Foley Stage ToolsSound of various utilities in common life. In most SFX librarie, they are reverbed or distant. But in this pack, it contains both reverbed or dry sound with very short distance. All multi types and multi takes. That is quite helpful for sound designers in game or movie products. They also can be used to creating stingers or else.


Foley Stage ToysAnd all possible sound from them are captured. So they can also be used for Sci-fi, creatures and CG FX. All collected and cleaned up multi takes.


Foley Stage IndiaAll sounds recorded from India. Cleaned and balanced carefully. They can be very good for featured movies, games or documentries as the ambience or specific issues. For example it´s not so easy to have very clean old train clicks or religion festival sound with very short distance and long enough to loop. Here you can find in the pack.


Foley Stage WatersIn all the existed libraries, water sound is too physical and without emotional or colorful taste. Sound is just the sound of them. But water is flowing and moving. There is some space of imagination and feeling to us actually. This concept of recording and post-production to water sound are very important for documentries, movies or games.

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