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Compumusic - ClickLess - Save clicks on Multi-Document applications

Brand: Compumusic
Name: ClickLess - Save clicks on Multi-Document applications
Category: Software > Utilities
Condition: Brand New
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ClickLess Demo Setup for Windows 2000/XP


What is ClickLessr?

In a few words, it allows you to change from one window to another within the same program without having to click on any of them first. The program must support the MDI (Multi Document Interface) conventions to work with ClickLessr.

Why you should use ClickLessr?

ClickLessr is a software utility designed to save you thousands of mouse clicks for the rest of your life. It may save your wrist from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It certainly will make you more productive with programs that require switching between multiple windows. As a result, your projects will be finished in less time and with less effort.

How does ClickLessr work?

ClickLessr works in the background, monitoring your mouse movements, detecting when the mouse pointer displaces betweeen windows, changing the focus and making the new window become active immediately for editing, data input, etc., without having to click on it first. The program has been tested thoroughly for years with time-critical musical software like Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, SoundForge, Encore, Finale and others like Microsoft Office, Visual Page, etc., without any noticeable or adverse effects.

Unlike certain Windows utilities, ClickLessr can be configured manually to work with any program currently running on your PC, and also to make it work with a certain program forever so you will not have to select it again for working with ClickLessr. The list of programs that will always be monitored can be modified at any time.

Under certain conditions, when you are working with different projects at the same time, you may want to stop ClickLess from doing its work. For these occasions, all you have to do is press the Pause button. To restore ClickLessr, just press the Pause button again.

The Demo version 1.0 will run for 15 minutes (*) and will not work with certain plug-in windows (like VST or DXi). The full version 1.1 will work with all plug-in windows (VST, DXi, etc.).

Quick Guide to work with ClickLessr:
- Download and install the Demo
- Double click on the ClickLessr icon on your desktop. ClickLessr window opens
- Start Sonar, Cubase or any other Multi-Document program
- Go back to the ClickLessr window
- Click on the plus sign to the left of "desktop"
- Click on SONAR1 - SONAR (or the program you just launched)
- Click Options / Always ClickLess this program
- MINIMIZE ClickLessr (Do not close it!!)
- Go to Sonar and Open the Console (Piano Roll, Event List, etc.)
- Move the mouse between windows and you will see that each one becomes active when the mouse passes over it.
- Press the Pause button
- You will go to "normal" mode
- Press the Pause button again
- You will go back to ClickLess mode

Questions? Contact us

(*) 15 minutes counted since boot time.


  • Windows 2000/XP